Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cake Pops!

Ready or not, here comes my Christmas cake pops! This is part one of two, as I couldn't finish the other three designs today (but not to worry, they will be up by tomorrow night). Here's a little bit of my process, sketches always come first.
I use my sprinkles + goodness on my sketches to see how they're going to work out...
ahh, those reindeer are going to be adorable!
Ho Ho Ho!

and here's what I pull out of the pantry to inspire me.

and most are the first three pops!
I had leftover candy corns from the Turkey Cake Pops, and they seemed to fit perfectly for these adorable little guys.
Say "hi" to your friends! (that goes to Sug + Janet)

Christmas Trees!!
well someone wants me to move on to the last design of the day...
I just used m&m's for the noses..and just regular pretzels for the antlers. I drew their little smiles on with candy writers.

Stay tuned for tomorrow: Santa Claus, Snowmen, and Angels....I must warn you Santa is ADORABLE.


  1. Oh my goodness, those are ADORABLE! And they are so hard to do, don't you find?

  2. They are, without a doubt, TIME CONSUMING!! haha. Those little ornaments on the tree I placed on with tweezers! But, they are so cute and people always love them as gifts, that it's worth it in the end. :)