Sunday, June 13, 2010

Safari Cake Pops

These are so cute! Little elephants, lions, and giraffes were made for a baby shower this past week, but I didn't want to post them till the lucky mother-to-be got to see them first! They were on her baby shower invites that Christina chose and she asked me to make them in lieu of the voila!
For the Lions, I dipped the cake balls in candy melts (orange and yellow mixed together) then sprinkled hand colored coconut (just put the coconut in a Ziplock and a few drops yellow and red food dye and shake away) for the mane, a brown m+m for the nose. The other lines I stuck circle flat sprinkles around when the candy melt was almost set. Personally, I like the coconut guys better.. :)

For the orange giraffes, I pushed in tic-tacs for the horns and THEN dipped the in the candy melts....I hand drew the giraffe's spots with a paintbrush dipped in melted chocolate.

The yellow ones I kept the tic-tacs on top of the candy melts, I just thought the contrast was cute on them.

For the elephants I just draped over a rolled piece of cake on top of the cake pop ball, and popped them in the freezer for 15 minutes before dunking them in the grey candy melts I made (combo of white and black). For the ears I used Bakerella's idea of putting melted melts on a plastic spoon and popping them in the freezer to firm up. I attached them with a bit of melted candy melts.


  1. These were so amazing I truly loved them!!! Thank u so much! Nicole

  2. So glad you enjoyed them Nicole!! They were so fun to make!!
    xo, Melanie

  3. Could you use any cake mix? I was also wondering what you used (on the coco. lions) to get that orange?

  4. Thanks Katheryn! You can use any cake mix, I find that the red velvet cake mix and the devils food cake are always big hits, but go with a lighter colored cake (vanilla) if you're going to be covering the cake balls with lighter colored melts. The coconut I just dropped in a bag, added a few drops of red and yellow food coloring and shook it up. I liked that it was a range of colors. :)

  5. Wow, you sure put a lot of work into long did it take? I find it takes me almost 2 to 3 hrs to do regular cake pops...awesome work!